For A Unique Season of Life

The purpose of this group is to get better acquainted with others in our church who are at a similar age and stage of life. We value the age diversity in our church and love all being together, but we also recognize the need to connect with others that share the same life experience.

We believe this is a unique season of possibility and growth. The kids are grown up and out, or almost out, of the house – opening up new possibilities and opportunities for where to spend your time and energy. We would love for those in this season of life to reconnect in their marriages, build deeper relationships with others, and see their unique place in the life of the church as being able to offer wisdom and maturity to younger followers of Jesus.

As we get to know one another better we hope to be encouraged and inspired to love and serve our Lord more faithfully during this season of life.  


Ken and Valerie Rhyner.jpg

Meet Ken + Valerie

Ken and Valerie Rhyner have led our 50Plus ministry since 2016.

With two grown sons they have used their newfound empty nest to begin a new season of ministry and loving our church community. To be honest, they have an incredible gift of planning fun events and nurturing an environment where people can fellowship and grow in Christian friendship. Their events make everyone excited to be 50Plus.

They have a heart to connect with others in the church and help facilitate relationships that deepen their walks with Christ.

Ken also is a great cook. If you ask him about it he will downplay it like all he did was make a bowl of cereal. But Ken is like a silent culinary ninja.