Learning to Love Jesus

We love having our children (ages 4+) in the worship service with us. We want them to grow up knowing they belong in God's family and are an important part of the church. 


What we do:

The children's lesson is always good for entertainment.

The children's lesson is always good for entertainment.


In addition to being in the service with us, every week we invite children ages 4–9 to come up front for a children's lesson taught by one of our pastors. We teach them about God, sin, the church, the Scriptures, prayer, and what it means to follow Jesus. We use the New City Catechism.

RPC Kids Classes focuses on teaching our children the basics of the faith.

RPC Kids Classes focuses on teaching our children the basics of the faith.


Each year at Rockwall Pres we offer three semesters of discipleship classes for all ages from 10–11am. Whether it's teaching our preschoolers about Jesus or helping your middle-schooler learn what "identity in Christ" means for them, we point our kids to Jesus and his love for them. 



Learning to love others

We want our children to grow up surrounded by a community that loves Jesus and one another.  


WHAT we do: 

RPC Kids Play Dates.JPG


Throughout the week, our parents gather at a local park for play dates and fellowship. It's a great way for parents and kids to connect.

RPC Kids Community Groups.jpg


Our children are invited to join their parents once a month at their Community Group to pray, eat, and enjoy time together.

RPC Kids Father/Child Events.jpg


Every year ManTime provides two father/child events. We go canoeing in June and to a Texas Rangers game in early October.  



Learning to Serve

As our children grow we want them to embrace their faith in Jesus. Whether it's beginning to ask deeper questions about God, learning to pray on their own, or serving in global missions, we want our children to know Jesus has called them into his Big Story.  


what we do:

What better way to teach our kids about generosity than to encourage them to raise funds by collecting change for those in need in our missions projects in South Asia.


During the Advent season we participate in Coins for Kids. RPC Kids collect coins which go directly to our partners in South Asia.

At Rockwall Pres, we feel it is vital to our children’s faith that they grow up learning to serve others in the name of Christ just as he commanded us.


Each Community Group serves in the local community throughout the year. Children are invited to come along and serve as a family.

RPC Kids participates in the Silent Auction fundraiser to support our projects and partnerships in South Asia.


In the fall we have a silent auction fundraiser. Children can provide auction items to help raise money for our Global Missions projects.



A Safe Environment

We take safety seriously and want all to parents have peace of mind as they drop off their children on Sunday mornings.  Every volunteer serving in RPC Kids must meet two requirements before entering the classroom: 

  • Undergo a Background Check

  • Complete the Child Protection Training course

We follow the guidelines provided by Protect My Ministry. If you have any questions regarding RPC Kids, please feel free to contact us at any time.