To the ends of the earth 

Missions is not optional or a side activity – it's both the purpose and privilege of the Church. We're called to go into all the earth, both near and far, to preach the good news of Jesus. This command reminds us that as disciples we're not called to be consumers, but to be co-laborers working to extend the kingdom of God.


The Great Commission is a call to change the world.

The Great Commission is a command and a privilege to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.


Our Story + God's Glory


We serve in one of the darkest and poorest parts of the world.

We consider this a privilege.

In 2011, the leadership of Rockwall Pres began to pray and ask God for his glory to be revealed among us. We began to ask ourselves tough questions as we reflected on who we were as a church and the impact we were having: 

  • If Rockwall Pres ceased to exist tomorrow, would anyone outside our church even notice?

  • Do we simply give a little support to a lot of places and ultimately have no meaningful impact?

  • How are we to be faithful to the work to which Jesus calls us?

Soon a new vision began to emerge. We wanted to be a church sacrificially invested in the Great Commission. We wanted our commitment to a people and place to last our lifetimes.

We invite you to South Asia to take the gospel to the poorest of the poor.


Where we go + what we do


We serve in two locations in South Asia by proclaiming the gospel in both word and deed. Here we serve orphans and abandoned children, women and children working in the sex trade, and pastors planting churches. We devote ourselves to their good by digging water wells, building churches, supporting children's homes, and providing food and resources.

Since 2011, God has been faithful and moved in powerful ways to reveal his glory among us. Lives have been changed, outrageous goals have been met, and funds have been raised far beyond our capacity. We are emboldened to continue the work as we reflect on what God has done thus far:









We believe this is only the beginning – it's an invitation to see more of the power of God. The people we love and serve in South Asia have become precious to us, because through them God has changed our lives at Rockwall Pres. Missions has found its way into the heartbeat of our church's culture. We wouldn't have it any other way – to God be the glory. 

We're going back. We invite you to come and see for yourself.



Ready to go?

In order to participate in one of our trips we require you to be a member of Rockwall Pres. The reason for this is that you are going as a representative of our church. We want everyone going to be committed to the mission of the church and to the people the church is committed to serving.

We also require that you fill out a Missions Team Application to share why you want to go and to express the call that God has placed upon your heart to participate.