Psalms For the Journey 


The Psalms are the soundtrack of Israel that guided and directed them in worship. From beginning to end, the Psalms confront the full range of emotions that we experience as human beings. There are Psalms of hope, lament, confession, security, and despair. This should communicate to us that God invites us into worship not as we think we should be, but just as we are. What does it look like to pursue God in good times and blessing, or in seasons of suffering and despair.

The Psalms are about encountering God through worship, regardless of your circumstances or situation. This series takes a closer look at how the Psalms aid us in our spiritual journey of becoming more like Christ and drinking deeply the life of God.


Prayer of Repentance

Psalm 51

Zach Pummill | July 28, 2019


Prayer For Security

Psalm 16

Zach Pummill | July 14, 2019


Prayer For A New Song

Psalm 98

Zach Pummill | July 7, 2019


Prayer of Thirst

Psalm 42

Zach Pummill | June 23, 2019


Prayer of Refuge


Ricky Allegretto | June 16, 2019